• Parrot hands free
    Dont get a fine..get a Parrot.
    Hands free kits supplied and fitted from only 145!!
    Hands free and music streaming from only 200!!
    (SOT leads may be needed at extra charge)

  • New Products!
    Clifford Smart Start !
    Turn your Iphone/smart phone or blackberry into your alarms remote control.
    Lock/unlock and remote start your vehicle from your phone!!!

  • Clifford Alarms
    Clifford 650mk2 alarm supplied and installed...ONLY 325!!!!

    Clifford 330x canbus alarm supplied and installed only 250!!!!

  • Security that doesn't cost
    Entry level alarm/immobiliser supplied and fitted for only 145

    Peace of mind doesn't have to cost a fortune!
GetNicked - Reduce crime in the second hand goods market..
70s and 80s Commercial Free automated internet radio
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